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Battery Rivnut Tool


The battery RivNut tools are ideal for the quick and easy installation of RivNuts. The tool has the ability to install upto 800 RivNuts on a single battery charge and has a digital display for setting correct torque values.

Bearing Puller


Our hire fleet of bearing pullers is probably the best there is ranging from the small 8 tonne bearing puller to the larger 12 tonne and 20 tonne bearing pullers.

Bottle Cages


Hiring engineering gas bottle cages are essential especially on site where gas needs to be kept in a secure area. Whether it's Argon, Acetylene, Oxygen, Migweld etc the gas bottle cage is essential.

Carver Clamps


Carver clamps for hire, no doubt the toughest clamps made. For clamping heavy steel sections together for bolting or welding hire carver clamps.

Grease Guns


Grease guns for hire ranging from the self enclosed hand held grease gun to the very industrial grease gun that mounts on top of standard grease drums.

Hog Ring Gun


The hire fleet hog ring gun or C ring guns are excellent tools for use with gabion nets, fences and bank protection work.

Nut Splitters


Nut splitters for when nuts will not come undone or the thread is damaged. Hydraulic powered the nut splitter will split the toughest of nuts.

Oil Filtration System


The hire oil filtration units are really multipurpose units. Whether you have contaminated oil through to broken machine fragments entering the oil or the oil is just dirty through use the oil filtration unit will clean it out. The oil filtration unit can even be used as an oil transfer pump.



Our hire fleet of riveters is extensive ranging from the simple manual lazy tong and plier type riveters to the battery operated riveters like the Gesipa Accubird and Powerbird to the quick, powerful pneumatic riveters.

RivNut Nut Riveter


Hire nut insert tools for inserting RivNut female threads into sheet steel. Nut inserts can insert M6 through to M12 threads.

Tool Balancers


Tool balancers are ideal to hire when working with heavy tools. The tool balancers use a spring mechanism that can be adjustable to make tools weightless.

Work Benches


Hire workbenches for site use. Sites tend to not have many work areas, that's where work benches can help giving users a work area. Our work benches can have standard and pipe vices attached.