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Fuel Transfer Pump


Hire the fuel transfer pumps if you need to move fuel (or water) between containers. The fuel transfer pumps transfer fuel at a rate of 56 litres per minute

Oil Filtration/Transfer Pump


Hire the oil filtration and transfer pump if you have waste oil which you need to clean or waste and clean oil that needs to be transferred. The pump can even filter metal particles.

Puddle Pump


Hire puddle pumps when the water level is so low submersible pumps become ineffective. Puddle pumps are able to pump away virtually all the standing water.

Submersible Pump


Submersible pumps are ideal for emptying flooded basements or water containers, are also useful for controlling water levels by using its automatic cut off switch

Trash Pump


Trash pumps for hire in Sheffield are the heavy workhorse of construction and industrial sites, able to pump waste water with maximum of 25mm solid objects.

Water Pump


The water pumps are ideal for hire in Sheffield and South Yorkshire for the high volume movement of water and waste water. Able to move water at a rate of 600 litre per minute