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Caterpillar Machine Skates


Hire fleet caterpillar machine moving skates are hard wearing machine skates, an ideal choice for moving items on rough floors where nylon wheels would jar.



Minifors are the hassle free way of pulling items, simple hook the wire on the item needing to be pulled and press the button!

Nylon Roller Machine Skates


Hiring nylon wheel machine moving skates would be the best option on good condition floors. The skates move easier than the caterpillar style skates

Pallet Trucks


Pallet trucks for hire in narrow and wide versions. Makes the moving of pallets a simply task for a single person

Panel Trolley


Panel trolleys make moving sheets of material hassle free, whether it be panel board, glass or other items the panel trolley takes the weight and hassle out of the task.

Pipe Barrows


Pipe barrows are a great for moving pipe, channel, box section and other long lengths of material. A great barrow for moving material around site.

Road Plates


Road plates, used for laying on uneven ground allowing for machine skates and other items to move.

Roller Crow Bar


Roller crow bars are a great tool for lifting items with low ground clearance and then moving in the same action.

Sack Barrows


Sack barrows for moving heavy items around safely and efficiently.

Scissor Table Hydraulic


Scissor tables are a unique item to hire, providing a large lifting platform with the ability to move around using the four caster wheels.



Tirfors are able to pull heavy items over large distances due to the tirfor being able to use an infinite cable length.

Turntable Trolley


Turntable trolleys for hire, are a great general purpose moving trolley, used extensively on site for carrying tools and material.