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Escape Kit


15 minute emergency escape kits for hire. Ideal for confined space work in industrial environments. All escape kits come with 15 minute air supply, automatic air release when unit is opened and an audible noise when air supply is getting low.

Fall Arrest Block with Retrieval


The hire fleet fall arrest block with retrieval functions in the same way a standard fall arrest block operates but in addition has a rotating handle to wind a user during a possible rescue operation

Fall Arrestor Reels


Hire fleet fall arrestors are ideal for a number of applications at height. Smaller hire fall arrestors are useful for smaller domestic roofs, whereas the larger 10 metre and 20 metre fall arrestors would be hired for use on larger industrial areas at height. 20 metre fall arrestors are also used in conjuction with rescue access systems as the primary fall arrest equipment.

Gas Detector Alert


Hire gas detector alert are high quality robust hire items designed for working in industrial environments. Able to detect H2S, CO, O2 and LEL levels, providing continuous readings and audible, visual and vibrating alarms.

Horizontal Life Line System


The horizontal life line system for hire is used to enable one or two users the ability to attach to the lifeline providing safety at height. A must for hire when there are no anchor points for harness attachment.

Man Anchor System


Man anchor systems are hired to provide a point of attachment for users working at height. The man anchors can be used on flat roofs or pitched roofs up to 15 degrees

Radio Communications


The hire fleet radio communications TC-446s are license free modern analog radios. The radios are user friendly and ideally suited to construction and industrial applications.

Rescue Access System


Hire Tripod Rescue Access System for safe lowering and retrieval of personnel. The rescue system is fitted with a caRol winch and a back up fall arrestor with retrieval handle.