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Compressors - 240v


Hire 240v compressors if you have no three phase supply and only need to power a couple of air tools or a couple of paint sprayers. Our compressors are professional model compressors providing the power and reliability needed in an industrial and production environment.

Compressors - 415v


Three phase compressors on the hire fleet are the most powerful none diesel compressors we have on the hire fleet. Great compressor for providing air to workshops and fabrication shops enabling the use of multiple small to medium air tools

Compressors - Diesel


Hire diesel compressors when you need large volumes of air flow. The diesel compressors are able to supply upto 400cfm air flow, well beyond what an electric or petrol compressor could supply

Compressors - Petrol


Petrol compressors on the hire fleet come in to there own when you need compressed air and you are not near an electric supply and don't need the sort of volumes diesel compressors provide. Ideal for powering medium sized pneumatic hand tools, spray guns and much more.

Compressors 110v


110v compressors are small compressors used for powering single small air tools a small paint sprayer or nail guns etc. Ideal for site environment where 110v is the only option. All the 110v compressors are professional models ensuring power and durability

Pneumatic (Air) Hoses


We have all sizes of air hoses on the hire fleet ranging from the small 1/2" hoses to link to small air tools to the most common 3/4" air bagging and then on to the larger 1" air hoses and 2" air hoses. All hired air hoses come in 10 metre lengths.

Pneumatic Accessories


We stock all the accessories needed for pneumatic operations, whether you need the essential water trap to prevent moisture entering the air tools or inline oilers to ensure the air tools stay lubricated (especially important during winter) we have all available on the hire fleet. Pneumatic manifolds are also available enabling multiple tools to run of a single air line.