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Rebar Cutters and Benders Hire

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Cordless Rebar Cutter 19mm


Hire cordless rebar cutters for highly portable, fast effective cutting of rebar. These powerful machines have the ability to cut 20mm rebar in 6.5 seconds.

Hikoki Rebar Cutter Bender


Our hire fleet Hikoki VB 3613DA rebar cutter and bender is a unique machine that can both bend and cut rebar. It can bend and cut upto 16mm rebar and can bend and cut smaller rebars in multiples. A great cordless machine making the rebar bender cutter a truly portable machine.

Rebar Benders - upto 32mm


Our hire fleet rebar benders can bend rebar upto a massive 32mm to an angle of 90 degrees in 15 seconds. With a single button operation the machine makes for easy and quick bending of rebar. For bending of multiple rebars in a single operation please see Multiple Rebar Benders.

Rebar Cutters - upto 32mm


The hire fleet rebar cutters have the ability to cut 32mm rebar fast and effortless.