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Lifting Cylinders, Rams and Jacks Hire

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Cylinders Double Acting


Double acting rams are used for situations where you need to retract the ram under power rather than allow for spring return like single acting rams.

Cylinders Hollow


Hollow cylinders are generally hired for pushing bearing, flywheels and other items from there mount. Simply slide the ram over the shaft or thread.

Cylinders Low Height


Low height cylinders are great general purpose rams and tend to be the most common to be hired. Usually measuring between 90mm and 125mm they are a good compromise between closed height and stroke (lift height).

Cylinders Pad


Pad cylinders are very low height lifting rams. Able to get into the smallest of spaces great for lifting equipment up ready for mounting on moving skates or for getting larger rams and toe jacks in.

Cylinders Standard/High Height


Standard cylinders are the tallest of the lifting rams, a great general purpose lifting ram.

Gauges and Gauge Blocks


Gauges and gauge blocks are usually used in conjuction with hydraulic pumps and cylinders to turn lifting cylinders into weighscales!

Hydraulic Manifolds


Hydraulic manifolds are for use when lifting with multiple cylinders off a single pump.

Jacks & Toe Jacks Hydraulic


Hydraulic jacks and toe jacks are great universal lifting equipment with great heights of lift. Most of our jacks can be fitted with lifting toes for lifting from narrow openings

Jacks Bottle


Bottle jacks are a general purpose low cost lifting appliance

Trolley Jacks


Trolley jacks are good all round workshop jacks.