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Bandsaws Horizontal


Horizontal bandsaws including the large 260mm bandsaw designed for cutting steel sections day in day out. Also we have the portable Milwaukee bandsaw that is used as a hand held machine.

Bandsaws Vertical


Vertical bandsaws, including the MA615 deep throat bandsaw designed for cuttin composite floor panels, reinforced concrete and steel pipe.

Circular Saws


Hand held portable TCT circular saws for quick and easy cutting of steel. The portable saws will cut upto 6mm steel with very limited sparks and little mess due to the integral chip collector

Cut Off Saws


Abrasive and TCT 355mm cut off saws for cutting all types of steel section and pipe. Ideal for use in workshop and site environments.

Hydraulic Hole Punch


Hydraulic hole punches are a fantastic portable hire machine for punches holes and slots in steel section. Faster and more accurate that magnetic rotabores and magnetic drills, the hydraulic hole punches can punch a 25mm hole through 16mm steel. We hire three different sizes for different punching power.



Our jigsaw hire fleet not only consists of the standard size jigsaws but also special two handed jigsaws with integral oil feed for blade lubrication. The two handed jigsaws are able to cut through a whopping 25mm sheet steel.



Our nibbler hire fleet is the best and most complete in the country. We stock nibblers able to punch 1mm through to a massive 10mm. All our nibblers are of the highest industrial standard, usually Fein, Duplex and Trumpf including the Trumpf N1000 10mm nibblers.

Reciprocating Saw


The hire fleet reciprocating saws range from the standard size reciprocating saw to the powerful Fein Astx 649-1 with a blade capacity upto 600mm. We stock both the electric and pneumatic (air) recip saws which are not only used for pipework but also often used as demolition saws.



The hire fleet sheers range from electric shears with a capacity upto 3.2mm, a manual lever shear and also hydraulic cutting shears with a 370mm capacity and able to excert a force of 45 tonnes.

Trumpf TKF 1500-2 Auto Feed Plate Bevellers


Automatic feed plate bevellers for hire are the next stage on from the standard plate bevellers (also known as weld prep machines). Simply place the plate bevelling/weld prep machine on the steel plate and let it go. Users can then walk away and let it work away as it will automatically stop as it reaches the end of the steel plate. A great machine to hire to safe time and costs.

Trumpf TKF Plate Bevellers and Jancy BM20


Plate bevellers for hire also known as weld prep machines. We have a large hire fleet of different types and sizes of plate bevellers ranging from the Trumpf TKF 1500 and TKF 1500 -2 and the Jancy KBM prep machines. If you need a weld prep machine to hire, we'll have the machine.

Trumpf TKF2000 Autofeed Plate Beveller


The Trumpf TKF2000 Autofeed Plate Beveller for hire, the largest of the Trumpf bevelling machines, able to create a 20mm chamfer. The autofeed functionality means the machine can get on with the work while you can be doing other jobs. Once the machine has completed it will stop waiting for the next task.