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Generators 10kva Diesel


When extra power is need the hire fleet 10kva generators can do the job. The 10kva generators have a silenced canopy and long run tanks and with the 10kva of power can run multiple tools and equipment including MIG welders.

Generators 25kva Diesel


The hire fleet 25kva generators can be hired on either skid mounts or towable trailers at no extra cost. The 25kva generators are set up with multiphase meaning they have panel sockets for 110v, 240v and 415v plus the hard wire terminals. The 25kva generators are ideal for running large events and small to medium sites.

Generators 33kva Diesel


Hire 33kva generators when you need a serious amount of power. The 33kva generators are available as skid mount or trailer mounted at no extra cost and have 240v, 415v and hard terminal connections available. Whether it's for powering large events or medium sized sites or even large plant machinery, the 33kva generator has the power.

Generators 6kva Diesel


The hire fleet 6kva generators are silenced generators able to run for long periods of time without refueling. Whether they are used on site or at events, the silenced canopy mean the generator runs quietly not imposing high noise pollution on site or at events.

Generators 75kva Diesel


75kva generators are the largest on our hire fleet providing massive electrical power for powering large events and building sites and can also be used for powering large machinery during maintenance periods or even as a back up generator. The 75kva can be delivered as skid mount or trailer mount and have 64kva sockets and hard wire terminals available.

Generators Petrol


We hire 3kva to 5kva petrol generators including silenced generators with long run tanks. Petrol generators are easy to transport, easy to start and very reliable. All our hire fleet petrol generators are powered by Honda engines. We also stock surge protectors enabling the generators to run electronic equipment.